I’m on my balcony listening to mbv and the sun is setting but it’s a little too cold for the atmosphere I’m trying to cultivate smh

I’m so happy today is my Day Of Rest I just ordered a pizza I am lying in bed no pants on watching bobs burgers tbh I deserve this I have been going Too Hard recently

Lorde for Elle magazine
Yes PLS let’s actually !! N I’m gonna send u a picture now

wow can u believe there is a super kind respectful and hella attractive boy who actually maybe likes me and wants to see me as opposed to dudes who get what they want from you and then never speak to u again lol like he actually just wanted to spend time with me and I know I don’t deserve anything less but I have accepted shitty treatment for so long it’s nice to have had such a great experience n also like early days I feel like I’ll ruin it if I talk about it too much I don’t wanna get my hopes up but he’s already messaged me and I think we are gonna hang out again ahhh ok I’ll stop talkin about this now